Frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of all 'frequently asked questions' divided into categories. Is your question not listed? Please let us know using the form. We try to answer all questions as quickly as possible.


  • What do I need to use the patient portal?

    You need a personal email address and a Dutch 06 number. We also recommend that children create their own email address. If you do not yet have login details, please call the practice to request them.

Make an appointment

  • Do I need to make an appointment with the doctor?

    If you are in doubt, we recommend that you first look at The information on this site has been prepared by general practitioners. So here you will find reliable information and advice.

  • How can I make a telephone appointment?

    You can easily make a telephone appointment via the website. You choose the moment that suits you best. The practice will contact you at the chosen time.


  • How do I put my doctor's website on the home screen of my iPhone or iPad?

    Open Safari. Go to your doctor's website. Tap the Share button at the bottom (top of the iPad). ... Tap Add to Home Screen. If necessary, tap the name of the site and type a different name. Tap Add. The site icon is now on the home screen.

  • How do I put my doctor's website on the home screen of my Android phone?

    Open the Chrome browser. Go to your doctor's website. Tap an icon with three dots at the top right. Tap 'Add to Home Screen'. Give the site a recognizable title or leave the default name. Tap 'Add > Add'. The site icon is now on the home screen.

  • How do I request my repeat medication?

    We would kindly request that you do this via our portal. This prevents errors and saves us a lot of time that we can use to provide better care.

  • How do I get the results of my tests?

    You will receive the results of an examination via the portal unless otherwise agreed with your GP. You will receive an email as soon as the results are known. The GP will write an explanation of the results.

Is your question not listed?

Please ask your question using the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. NB! This form is NOT intended for medical questions, only for practical questions. For medical questions you can make an appointment under "contact" or request an e-consultation.

    Practical information

    All consultations by patients with Dutch insurance are invoiced directly to the insurer. You can find the rates on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the Nza.

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