Our method

Always direct contact with the GP.

How do Huisartsen Zomerlinde work

We are continuously innovating and implementing the latest technology to transform general practice and adapt it to the wishes and needs of the modern patient. The implementation of modern technology leads to a paradox: namely to more intimate, personal and efficient customized care.

Communicating via the website

You initially communicate with Huisartsen de Zomerlinde via the website on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Doctor as first contact

At Huisartsen de Zomerlinde you will immediately speak to a doctor if you book a call-back appointment. We can then choose during the contact whether we will call or video call. In many cases we can answer your questions immediately. In many cases, a visit to the practice is not necessary.

No waiting

At Huisartsen de Zomerlinde we work by appointment only. As a result, we have no waiting times and no waiting room. This also applies if you request contact with the doctor via the website (you can determine the time yourself).

Plenty of time for the patient

Because many matters can be arranged directly with the doctor via the website, we have plenty of time for necessary consultations in the practice.

Your own medical file digitally accessible

You can view part of your medical file via the website (recent results, medication and letters from specialists). This way you always have your medical information at hand, even abroad. The inspection meets all legal requirements regarding privacy.

Flex Doctors working method

Your GP has a Flexdokters practice.

Our practice is affiliated with Flexdokters. A cooperative of general practices. This offers a number of advantages for patient and GP, where the relationship between GP and patient always comes first.

In a Flexdokters practice, patients have direct contact with their GP. Great, because this way you only have to tell your story once. Your question can often be answered immediately. Doesn’t that work? Then you make a follow-up appointment at the practice with your GP. Handy, because this means you don’t have to come to the practice for every question.

We ask you to schedule appointments yourself. Because we work by appointment only, there are hardly any waiting times and you will usually find a quiet waiting room. This ensures a lot of peace and quiet in the practice and during your consultation with the doctor. Pleasant for you and for the doctor.

Arrange yourself

You can arrange many things yourself online on this website. To help you as best as possible, we have clearly presented the most important information below.

  • If you want to make an appointment with your GP, you can do so online. This can be done at any time of the day and week. So you no longer have to wait on the phone or at the counter.
  • You can also easily ask a question or send a photo via the website. Useful for non-urgent questions or if you want to send a photo of, for example, a spot on your skin.
  • Request a repeat prescription, view your medical file or results? You no longer have to call the practice for this. You can arrange all this via the website in the portal.

Frequently asked questions

These frequently asked questions have been compiled based on questions we receive frequently. By providing the answers here we save you the trouble of contacting us and we GPs have fewer interruptions in our work with patients. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can ask the practice.

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How do I put my doctor's website on the home screen of my Android phone?
How do I request my repeat medication?
How do I get the results of my tests?

Practical information

All consultations by patients with Dutch insurance are invoiced directly to the insurer. You can find the rates on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the Nza.

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