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huisarts Roel Gazendam, huisartsenpraktijk de Zomerlinde Amsterdam

Roel Gazendam

general practitioner
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, and live with my wife and children in Amsterdam East - Watergraafsmeer. During my career in medicine, I worked for several years as a doctor in a pediatric department, in psychiatry, in a general practice in Amsterdam East and in a nursing home. I also obtained my PhD in the field of infectious diseases and immune disorders. In recent years I was a general practitioner in a village health center and now I am very happy to return to the city. What I like about working as a GP is getting to know you and building a lasting bond in order to provide the best care. I like the variety in my profession: both treating acute complaints and offering long-term guidance for chronic and serious illnesses. Everything is negotiable in our general practice. We work with a positive attitude and are empathetically oriented. I am naturally very involved, curious, love people and enjoy immersing myself in their lives. I enjoy life both in my work and in my private life; being outside in nature, culture, yoga, playing guitar, sports and festivals. I also attach great importance to a pleasant work-life balance in my own life.

Iris Groen, huisarts bij huisartsenpraktijk de Zomerlinde

Iris Groen

general practiioner / holistic coach
Tuesday, Friday

Iris has been working as a general practitioner in and around Amsterdam for 8 years and is very happy to now be part of our practice. She likes to look at problems from a holistic view and, in addition to being a GP, she also works as a holistic coach and respiratory therapist, see her website. Iris is also a breathing coach, more about that soon!

POH GGZ verlener Peggy Grefkens van huisartsenpraktijk zomerlinde

Peggy Grefkens


I am originally a psychologist, but it took me years to actually start working as a psychologist. For me it was important to first gain life experience. And I can tell you, I have experienced quite a bit and am therefore an expert in many areas. I have now been working as a psychologist for about seven years, and I also have my own practice for blended families. Based on my psychological knowledge, additional training and my own search for how to live life as lovingly and relaxed as possible, I am open to meeting you and listening to you. I connect with you from my heart so that together we can look at which approach is suitable for you and what is bothering you. My approach is always to increase your own strength so that you regain control over your own unique life. Finally, some personal background. I am the mother of three children from two relationships and live in Amsterdam Buitenveldert. I love traveling, nature and having fun. And you can often find me in my attic in my hammock where I can relax and read.

assistente en Shiatsu masseuse bij Huisartsenpraktijk de Zomerlinde in Amsterdam

Elya Salie

assistant and Shiatsu masseuse
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

In addition to being a shiatsu therapist, hostess and practice assistant, I am mainly a mother of 2 children, a friend, daughter, sister and lover! In practice, you come to me in case of stress, burn out, anxiety complaints, sleeping problems, worrying. If you are on a waiting list for mental health care, let me work with you to make it lighter and softer. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of pressure point massage for deep relaxation, recharging the body and calming your nervous system, your being. You will experience silence and tranquility with me. From which you can start rebuilding and growing. And I like to do that, I like to make it lighter and let you grow!

Femke Gazendam, POH GGZ huisartsenpraktijk de Zomerlinde

Femke Gazendam


Raised in Amsterdam, I now live with Maurice and two lovely sons in Haarlem, where we like to play in the dunes. I'm looking forward to working with the team at Zomerlinde; The atmosphere, humanity and working with the patient and each other really appeal to me. As a mental health psychologist, I have enjoyed working in Basic and Specialized Mental Health Care (with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema-oriented therapy, EMDR, eHealth) since 2014. My work life started with experimental PhD research into fear, after which I continued to explore fear and trauma. For me it is inspiring to work together and to be involved in your process. Together we will determine which approach suits your questions; sometimes the sessions are investigative, supportive and insightful. We can also investigate which experiences may have caused your complaints or patterns and process them so that the events have less influence on you. In my personal background, I grew up with Hatha yoga and elements of anthroposophy, and later had many wonderful experiences with Chi kung, dance, meditation, mindfulness and (self) compassion and pilates. I also like to contribute to psychological care surrounding pregnancy, birth and parenthood, also inspired by experiences of the vulnerability and strength of motherhood.

Mieke Eerenstein,

Mieke Eerenstein

assistant and yoga teacher

As a loved one of Roel, I became involved in the practice in a natural way. Initially to build up and organize the practice, but gradually also to bring people into contact with transformative yoga. The power of postures for your system as well as conscious breathing. I would like to contribute to that. On Tuesdays between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM you are welcome for a yoga class. Individual sessions can also be booked.

Liselotte Croft

co-assistant, doctor in training
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Nanda van Praag

Reinier started in practice on November 20 as a doctor in training. He is almost finished as a graduated doctor at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam

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All consultations by patients with Dutch insurance are invoiced directly to the insurer. You can find the rates on the website of the Dutch Healthcare Authority, the Nza.

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